Mermaid Ready Skin With Earth Harbor

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Shello merbabes! It’s been a while since my last review, life’s been…A little chaotic with planning my wedding and taking on a very exciting side project. Now that it’s a little colder, and the warm, summer months are gone behind I thought it fitting to talk about the mess that we call winter skin. Yes, mermaids need skincare too (seriously).

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Earth Harbor is a mermazing green beauty brand that started in a treehouse kitchen. If that wasn’t enchanting enough for ya, all their ingredients are ethical, sustainable and plant-based. They’re also free of fillers, and are synthetic free.

I also found it really neat that they offer a quiz for newcomers to personalize a skincare regime and routine just for you, cause let’s face it, is everyone’s skin really the same? Not really. Here are the products I tried out for my combination skin type.

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Celestine Hydra-Plumping Peptide Serum

When I first opened up this little guy, I was immediately taken back to Thailand. Omg, the citrus aromas mixed with the seweed peptides provide such a refreshing scent, like a warm sea breeze with a bit of a tingle. I have been using it for a few weeks now and I love the way it brightens my skin.

Mermaid Milk Nutrient Glow Moisturizer

I was already hooked on the name, but this lil’ jar gives you that fresh out of the sea glow. It feels like such a treat for the skin, it’s super creamy, luxurious and absorbs so quickly into the sin! Take a sip.

Sunshine Dew

If you ever want to switch up your daily remover, this one’s a great option. It melts away the day and smells oh so fresh. Infused with sea kelp and papaya to really get into the pores and reduces pesty break outs.


So there you have it merbabes, some mermaid approved skin care to keep your complexion in tip top shop for the colder months to come.




A Mermaid In Kenya


If you were to tell me that I was going to Africa this year, I wouldn’t have believed you. It’s not that Kenya wasn’t on my travel bucket list, but I wasn’t expecting it to be so SOON. But that’s the funny thing about life sometimes, fate has different plans.

I was lucky enough to go with an amazing team and a celebrity influencer, but work things aside, let’s dive into the mermazing things I did while there.


DAY 1 Animals, lots n’ lots of them

I’m sure I’m not the only one that grew up watching the Lion King, but experiencing the animal kingdom Irl is a whole other story.

Fun fact: did you know that Simba and Pumba are the actual Swahili words for those animals?

You can find animal sanctuaries in Nairobi if you don’t plan on venturing far into the Maasai Mara, we visited two.

What to wear

It’s a bit more conservative in Kenya, so cover up more than you would. That doesn’t mean you can’t look cute. I styled a vintage teal dress that went past my knees, with some Vans cause I knew I’d be outside in the mud, and the platforms kept me comfy all day. In fact, it was the only shoe I wore for the entire trip. Avoid wearing black, there are so many vivid colors there and you’ll attract less bugs.

The Giraffe Centre


This lovely place takes care of the endangered Rothschild Giraffes, just east of the bustling city of Nairobi. What’s truly special about this place is that you can feed the giraffes by hand or through kisses, like what I did… A couple of times. image2

These tall friends love using their tongues though, so be warned that frenching might occur.








David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage 


A phenomenal rescue and rehabilitation program since the 70’s, this is a haven for not just orphaned elephants but for warthogs, giraffes and a blinded Rhino called Maxwell.

We had the opportunity to visit the baby elephants privately and learn about their stories, which hit us right in the feels. There are so many awful reasons as to why these little guys might have lost their parents, from drought to poachers. Luckily, this place is committed to helping them grow so they can be released in the wild later in life.

image1 (8)The caretakers are so devoted to these young babes, they even sleep in the same rooms to feed them every 3 hours with massive milk bottles!

If you truly feel a connection to one of the elephants at the orphanage, you can even adopt them and contribute to their food and upbringing through monthly donations ( I know what I want for Xmas this year).

We closed the busy afternoon with a late lunch at the exclusive and stunning 148. Tucked away from the rocky road, 148 is a private boutique restaurant and hotel filled with a sense of peace, light and art. It was just what we needed to recharge.




unnamed (3).jpg

After we had our delicious lunch, we were off to the Mara for our next adventure! The Maasai Mara is 6 hours away from Nairobi, but if you take a small plane it only ends up being 45 mins. It’s a really popular way of getting around Kenya, since the roads can be pretty underdeveloped, dangerous and rocky.

That’s not to say I wasn’t scared getting on one of these. I had a moment.


After a bumpy ride, we landed in the dunes of the Mara safe, and I swear all I wanted to do was kiss the ground but I was quickly distracted by the bright blue skies and picturesque trees.

image2 (1)


We were then welcomed by the Maasai warriors, who exude wisdom and elegance. With every step they take, you can hear the jingle of their incredible draped, beaded jewelry.

image1 (9).jpeg

DAY 2 Intimate Mara Life

The next day we visited incredible communities that ME to WE helped empower through education, clean water, opportunities and health care.

Everyone was always so grateful and friendly during our visit, welcoming us into their homes with open arms and bright smiles.

What to wear

We were going to be outside all day, so to avoid a fun sunburn I covered up with a vintage front tie Maxi dress, made of light, breathable, cotton. Paired with my Vans and a faux leather backpack.

image1 (10)


unnamed (2).jpg


We then retreated to our Bogani camp tents, who were by the way, incredible. Equipped with full working bathrooms, cooling floors, traditional tapestry and electricity. I have never glamped so hard in my entire life. It reminded me of my time in the Thai jungle, hearing exotic birds in the wake of the morning and howling animals at night.

DAY 3 Safari Stories 

On the last day in the Mara, we went on a safari at Richard’s camp. We, of course, had to fly there in one of those small planes (again). But my fear quickly dissipated once we landed and saw the breakfast spread shaded under a luxurious tent.


What to wear

I wanted to be comfortable, and the mornings can get quite chilly in Kenya. So I wore some Lulus with an Aerie soft sweater, I almost changed up my Vans for Docs, but I figured since we’d be in a car there was no call for boots.

image2 (2).jpeg

A safari is something you kind of HAVE to do if you’re in Kenya. Seeing all those beautiful animals up close felt surreal. I kept having to remind myself that this wasn’t some episode of planet earth, nope, this was really happening.





We spotted all of the animals on our bucket list, and then some. Our tour guide was so knowledgeable about all the wildlife and the ecosystems around. We most definitely felt safe in the car, even when up close to those questionable lionesses and their cubs. As long as you’re respecting the environment, you really have nothing to fear.

And so, this mermaid traveled to a new continent. One filled with free roaming animals, sunny days and welcoming people.

Have you ever been to Africa? What were some of your favorite things to do there?


Mermaid Monday With Design Me Hair


Oh my shell! Another mermaid Monday is upon us, and I’ve been saving this one for you babes till I had a chance to fully try and experiment with these fin-tastic products from DesignMe Hair. It’s one thing to try new hair goodies for a day to a week vs. a month, and I’ve now also figured out a totally easy routine that works as well.

So let’s dive in (hehe)

5EE1D0BD-D75A-4212-B26C-BCF650E6C9EF (1).jpg


Fab Me Serum


I’ve been using this serum in-between days when my hair needs a bit of a pick me up. It’s great for when you step out of the water for a little refresh and smoothing and it does SO much to repair.

Something wonderful that’s part of all the Design Me products is that ALL their products help with volume, yes all of them.

Facetune_19-06-2018-18-49-31 (1).jpg

What’s that saying? The bigger the hair the closer to god. Yeah that pretty much sums up how I feel!

OK, next is actually my absolute fave from the entire collection ( and I’ve gotten my BFF hooked on this one too)

The Puff Me Spray

As someone who uses dry shampoo powders religiously, I have reached for this lil’ guy more than any other piece from the collection. The bottle is tiny, but lasts forever.  It fits great in pretty much ANY bag and takes up little to no space on your counter space. With just a simple spritz the powder is dispensed deep into your roots, mess free and invisible! And like magic, Poof your hair rises.

88C20018-1BBC-456B-9D01-308CABFEB50A (1).jpg


I even use it in between the bottom layers of my hair to get through all those little guys for a bit of texture.

IMG_1483 (1).JPG

2″ Round Brush


LOVE this one, literally my blowdry go to. It has such great grip and really helps lift and tilt the root of your mane to the heat. It never makes your hair look bland or static, and it’s never caused a snag.

If you’re looking for big, voluminous, cartoon worthy locks the Design Me Hair products are mermaid approved without breaking the bank. I’ve gotten my friends hooked and now I wanted to share the news with you too.

IMG_1413 (1)

What are some of your fave hair products merbabes? Let me know!





Wax Melts For Your Mer-Home



When Scent Circus released the news of their Dare to Dream collection, I was flippin’ my fins in anticipation. It’s one thing to create an enchanting product with your fave childhood characters rendered, but it’s a whole other to have it emit a scented goodness all over your home.

For those of you who have never heard of Scent Circus, they’re a handmade wax company based out of the UK. They only use eco-soy wax in their beautiful bars, which make them cruelty- free and vegan! Yay. (Plus they’re gorg)

Before I get into the whole use of them, here’s my fave piece from their mermaid release and they’re fin-tastic flavors.


Kiss The Girl –   Jasmine, citrus, lavender, musk and wood.

Seahorse- hints of coconut, whipped cream, fresh mint leaves



Shell Yeah –  cedar wood, sea salt, amber

Skinny Dippin’ – cocktail of pineapple, coconut, peach and sugar cane, basically a pina colada!

Wish Upon A Star Fish-  tropical fruits, banana, pineapple.


And now for the test!

Online it says they’re wax melts last for 8+ hours, so I decided to try the Skinny Dippin’ bar. It’s been sitting for 2 hours so far, and the design is still fully visible, but now accompanied by a delightful beachy scent.


I can’t wait to try out the other wax melts from Scent Circus! They even have one with Alice In Wonderland and Cinderella.

Do you use wax melts merbbz? What are some ways you keep your home smelling great?



Mer- Tea Party with DAVIDsTEA

IMG_7160 (1).JPG

There’s no doubt about it, I am obsessed with tea.

For most of my life, it’s been my cure-all remedy and cherished ritual! Tea’s always been by my side. Anything from gloomy days that needed a serious pick me up to pure enjoyment. I just love how you can have it iced on summer days, and warmed on colder ones. So when DAVIDsTEA released their Splash Collection, designed especially for mermaids, I just had to say Shell Yeah!

Naturally, I was super attracted to their blue-er pieces. This refreshing tea box blends into my ocean decor perfectly.


But I just love this mermaid pouch to store all your tropical iced packs! It’s ideal for when you’re traveling and on the go.

IMG_7149 (1).JPG


Not only is the packaging mer-mazing, detailed with underwater sea creatures and giving off those beachy vibes, even the names of their limited edition teas have me flipping my fins.



Totally have a new appreciation for crabby creatures now.

image1 (1).jpeg


So whether you’re a mermaid hunting for new treasure (maybe a hoarder like Ariel) or just a tea lover, this limited edition collection from DAVIDsTEA is not one to miss.

Hurry up summer so we can try these iced by the pool!

Havana, Si!



B461A887-DB41-4DD4-BF5B-D1CAE58BC2C6 (1).jpg

Havana is without a doubt a place filled with intrigue, history and culture. It’s as if the buildings, monuments and streets have remained frozen, suspended in time.


You can still spot the golden age’s decayed signs and detailed architecture, the scribbled signatures from dead poets and writers who visited their fave coffee shops & bars.

My first highlight just happened to be a Mojito Bar on my first night.

La Bodeguita Del Medio


This place has been around for years and years, littered with the portraits and ghosts of icons that have enjoyed a Mojito or 2. Faces like, Pablo Neruda, Nat King Cole, Ernest Hemingway. Legend has it that they gave birth to the Mojito here, and boy were they strong. It’s a small space packed with tourists & locals, the atmosphere is magical so make sure you stop by for a drink.

La Guarida


A hidden gem, this fab restaurant has hosted people like the Obama family off the main central Havana roads. As you make your way up those aged marble steps, you discover a restaurant and soon too, a bar. While on the bottom floors reside bustling locals, playing their music joyfully and enjoying time with their families, while the scent of tobacco drifts through their wooden, colorful blinds. Once we sat down, the dishes at the restaurant were absolutely delish and the cocktails are equally as good! The best part? You get a full view of the city in a private setting.

Ridin’ Round 


Clearly had to indulge in one of these retro car rides, luckily my brother is fluent is Spanish so we were able to haggle as some of the prices can get quite steep for 1 hour rides. You’ll see these cars all over old Havana, so take your pick and ride on. They’re great for photo opps and sight seeing.

Take a Walk



There’s nothing I love more than walking around a new city, listening in on conversations from whispering locals and adapting to the pace of their routines. In Havana, you can spend hours exploring the streets and discovering new places, most of them are abandoned and almost remind you of ruins from another era.


That’s how I came across this artisan who was selling seashell pieces that would make Ariel envious,



Have you visited Havana yet? If you’re a fan of exploring cities, this is the perfect next spot to fly out to!



Sunsets & Sirens at Sri Panwa


By now you must have guessed that I’m pretty passionate about Thailand, must be something about the exotic sights, the smiley locals and luxurious hotels.

Speaking of luxurious hotels, Sri Panwa was one that will never leave my soul & body & mind. While I was only there for a short time, it had left an imprint and impression on me forever.

Let’s start with the actual location of this paradise, it’s tucked away from buzzing Phucket city life and tourists, it even has its own stunning private beach, in Laem Phan. It’s right on the edge of the island that’s how you get sights like these,



*gasp* I know. When I took this shot I had to stare down at my camera for a good minute or two because it looked like a dream.

When we got there, the sky was already melting into sunset,  magic hour. The staff recommended to have drinks and dine on the rooftop, a place they call “Baba’s Nest”. And so – we did! After all, I saw so many photos of this mystical bar, that I had to check it out for myself.




77E48F2F-B227-4BCB-9C7A-4F9A0D63C749 (1).jpg

If you ever find yourself in this part of Thailand I would highly recommend booking ahead, sunset is their busiest time, naturally.

8D4A008B-441B-42F3-9D92-78DFF51D2C2D.jpgI seriously couldn’t get over the view. I had a moment of reflection, gratefulness from the beauty surrounding me and how blessed I was to be there in that moment.

As night fell, they dimmed the lights to match the setting.



The next day we indulged in the hotel’s room lavish amenities. We got a place with an infinity pool overlooking the lush surroundings. As soon as we entered the room, there was a lovely citrus smell lulling us, and a soothing iPod playlist that’s so perfectly matched and curated for the sights around.


We also abused the included mini bar filled with cooling mint scented towels, a Nespresso machine, soft + boozy drinks. They even had a bowl of fresh fruit and info cards laid out on the mini table beside the patio.

We then made our way to a breakfast buffet fit for royalty, with complimentary champagne. Our hearts + glasses full and we wished the day would never end.

2B7DD5FE-9EAA-4920-B416-F2A47D98790A (1).jpg

IMG_5726 (1).JPG


I took a dip after having a bite, and the water was just perfect. Seriously;  it all felt like a dream! Everything we wanted and more was at our very fingertips with helpful staff and breathtaking views.

Even though we said goodbye, Sri Panwa will never leave my heart, and I will cherish the memories here forever & then some.




If Mermaids Had Legs They Would Totes Do This Retreat

As mermaids we’ve definitely heard of underwater swimming sessions, retreats, photo-shoots and even classes! But rarely do we see opportunities that offer these things AND combine them with an environmental impact.

After all, without our oceans, we wouldn’t even have any of these options available to us in the first place! So it’s SO important to give back especially in such a bleak time of marine life devastation.

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 5.02.07 PM

That’s when I came across miss Christine Ren on Instagram, an underwater performer, diver, and activist in Marine conservation. She’s curated and organized a magical trip, fit for us salty sirens where you explore bodies of water in #travelworthy destinations like Koh Tao, Thailand and sunny Los Angeles ( with a flippin’ 10% going towards ocean conversation!).

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 5.00.51 PM

The program is meant to immerse you into another dimension, one filled with movement and nature. What kind of movement you might wonder.. well one that makes you filled with connection and purpose.

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 5.02.14 PM

I mean, let’s be real, it’s not often that you get to dance + meditate underwater alongside exotic sealife, AND get pro pictures of those moments taken.

I wonder if mermaids had legs if they’d take up underwater ballet as a hobby…I guess there’s one way to find out.

Find out more about these retreats :

Using my code SIA-18  you’ll get a special 10% off!



Top 3 Beach Times In Phucket


When I was traveling to Phucket, I knew I would be exploring the best beaches in the world.

Afterall, Thailand has such clear waters, bright white sands and exotic sealife…But now the issue comes down to choosing! If you’re on a shorter vacation time and trying to squeeze everything in, I know your struggle. That’s why I made this list of my top 3 beaches for you merbbz.



Mosquito Island


You’ll have to take a boat to this one from Phi Phi Don, luckily I was on a boat tour traveling the surrounding islands for that day so I was able to easily jump off and spend an hour there.

Something that’s truly magical about this beach is how shallow some of the water gets, you can fully lie down in the water without getting clashing waves. There were also cute fishies that swim between your toes and fingers, unafraid of human contact and since the water is so clear, you can see them from the surface.


Surin Beach


This one is kind of hidden, which I like! Don’t get me wrong, there’s still tourists that frequent Surin beach, but unless you’re staying in the area it’s a little out of the way from most hot spots.


The water is so crystal clear, it looks surreal ( hey that rhymes- sort of!) and I love that there’s some rocky cliffs you can jump off of or sunbathe on.

2a5c5341-37c8-4c60-bfe5-f1a9ba7770ca.jpgThe sand is so soft, even when stepping into the water,  and the beach is sheltered by lush palm trees so you can always find a shady spot, no matter how busy it gets.

Maya Bay 


How could I not mention Maya beach? Famous for the 90’s movie “The Beach”, this is definitely the busiest out of the three.

The water has gradient shades of blue, and is surrounded by jutting rock formations.


If you have enough time to explore the island, it’s quite small but inhabited by kitties and chippering birds.

I heard they recently closed it down though, due to coral reef damage, I do hope they reopen it soon enough but I can definitely appreciate the concern with marine conservation.



What other beaches do you still dream about in Thailand? Leave me some suggestions in the comments!


Somewhere In The Thai Jungle



If you’ve ever wanted to spend the night in the exotic, isolated and opulent south-east Asian jungle, explore Villa Zolitude Resort & Spa #villalife.

When I think of Phucket, I imagine, (as we most do) bright white beaches and translucent waters with shimmering coral reef and sparkling zebrafish. I picture the iconic Phi Phi islands jutting from underneath turquoise waves, the cloudless blue skies and humming sound of long tail boats.

But with this beauty, comes popularity, and retreating in the jungles of Thailand can offer a type of luxury and unforgettable privacy that these hot spots can no longer provide.



Staying at this 2 story pool villa was a dream. It was a temporary sanctuary in the jungle, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of tourist attractions.



I felt an endless sense of calm as we entered the property, greeted with smiles and lavish wildlife. I had just come back from the Elephant Sanctuary and needed a place to hide from the blazing afternoon sun.

The interiors of the villa were beautifully decorated, accessorized with traditional tapestries with surrounding room length wide windows and two floors of bliss.


Spending most of my time by the deep blue infinity pool, that spilled and overlooked onto the quiet hillside with lots of music & a few glasses of wine.



I heard a blend of bird & insect orchestras at all times of the day;  whether in the afternoon, evening and morning hours, we never felt alone.


As night approached I ordered in villa dining to celebrate another amazing day in Thailand, the service was exquisite.



At sunrise, I was woken by the sounds of the jungle surrounding me and I traced the sun with my eyes until it was flooding our room.


Before saying goodbye, I stopped by their spa for a full aromatic body massage (which was excellent). I don’t have photos from those moments, but the spa had an open concept setting surrounded by small ponds and lilly pads, buzzing with the sound of dragonfly wings and crickets.



Villa Zolitude will forever weigh on my memory as an unforgettable, intimate and healing experience. What’s the next jungle resort I should swim by? Leave me suggestions in the comments ❤