Top 3 Beach Times In Phucket


When I was traveling to Phucket, I knew I would be exploring the best beaches in the world.

Afterall, Thailand has such clear waters, bright white sands and exotic sealife…But now the issue comes down to choosing! If you’re on a shorter vacation time and trying to squeeze everything in, I know your struggle. That’s why I made this list of my top 3 beaches for you merbbz.



Mosquito Island


You’ll have to take a boat to this one from Phi Phi Don, luckily I was on a boat tour traveling the surrounding islands for that day so I was able to easily jump off and spend an hour there.

Something that’s truly magical about this beach is how shallow some of the water gets, you can fully lie down in the water without getting clashing waves. There were also cute fishies that swim between your toes and fingers, unafraid of human contact and since the water is so clear, you can see them from the surface.


Surin Beach


This one is kind of hidden, which I like! Don’t get me wrong, there’s still tourists that frequent Surin beach, but unless you’re staying in the area it’s a little out of the way from most hot spots.


The water is so crystal clear, it looks surreal ( hey that rhymes- sort of!) and I love that there’s some rocky cliffs you can jump off of or sunbathe on.

2a5c5341-37c8-4c60-bfe5-f1a9ba7770ca.jpgThe sand is so soft, even when stepping into the water,  and the beach is sheltered by lush palm trees so you can always find a shady spot, no matter how busy it gets.

Maya Bay 


How could I not mention Maya beach? Famous for the 90’s movie “The Beach”, this is definitely the busiest out of the three.

The water has gradient shades of blue, and is surrounded by jutting rock formations.


If you have enough time to explore the island, it’s quite small but inhabited by kitties and chippering birds.

I heard they recently closed it down though, due to coral reef damage, I do hope they reopen it soon enough but I can definitely appreciate the concern with marine conservation.



What other beaches do you still dream about in Thailand? Leave me some suggestions in the comments!


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