Havana, Si!



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Havana is without a doubt a place filled with intrigue, history and culture. It’s as if the buildings, monuments and streets have remained frozen, suspended in time.


You can still spot the golden age’s decayed signs and detailed architecture, the scribbled signatures from dead poets and writers who visited their fave coffee shops & bars.

My first highlight just happened to be a Mojito Bar on my first night.

La Bodeguita Del Medio


This place has been around for years and years, littered with the portraits and ghosts of icons that have enjoyed a Mojito or 2. Faces like, Pablo Neruda, Nat King Cole, Ernest Hemingway. Legend has it that they gave birth to the Mojito here, and boy were they strong. It’s a small space packed with tourists & locals, the atmosphere is magical so make sure you stop by for a drink.

La Guarida


A hidden gem, this fab restaurant has hosted people like the Obama family off the main central Havana roads. As you make your way up those aged marble steps, you discover a restaurant and soon too, a bar. While on the bottom floors reside bustling locals, playing their music joyfully and enjoying time with their families, while the scent of tobacco drifts through their wooden, colorful blinds. Once we sat down, the dishes at the restaurant were absolutely delish and the cocktails are equally as good! The best part? You get a full view of the city in a private setting.

Ridin’ Round 


Clearly had to indulge in one of these retro car rides, luckily my brother is fluent is Spanish so we were able to haggle as some of the prices can get quite steep for 1 hour rides. You’ll see these cars all over old Havana, so take your pick and ride on. They’re great for photo opps and sight seeing.

Take a Walk



There’s nothing I love more than walking around a new city, listening in on conversations from whispering locals and adapting to the pace of their routines. In Havana, you can spend hours exploring the streets and discovering new places, most of them are abandoned and almost remind you of ruins from another era.


That’s how I came across this artisan who was selling seashell pieces that would make Ariel envious,



Have you visited Havana yet? If you’re a fan of exploring cities, this is the perfect next spot to fly out to!